Real help for families

with learning and concentration difficulties, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, behavior problems, problems with speech development, etc.

Real help for teachers

Significantly improves learning outcomes

Now almost for free!

We calculated the price almost for free! You only pay USD 20/program subscription.

Opportunity to help your child

Now every family has the opportunity to help their children with learning, concentration, and behavioral problems. This exercise program directly addresses the root causes of learning, concentration, motor, and behavioral difficulties, and is therefore so effective. Therefore, the number of internships is also significantly less than in traditional teaching-based methods

A separate training program for

schools and kindergartens

The developmental training has been used with good results also in many Finnish schools and kindergartens. We have trained thousands of teachers in Finland and now you can learn the same skills.

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Here some authentic comments from teachers, who have used FinnSenso training*:

"I have seen how, for example, children's reading and writing skills are progressing exponentially".

"Diverse progress has been enormous."

"There are students in my group who have multidisciplinary developmental delays, and I can say, they all benefited from the Sensomotor program."

"My experience with the Sensomotor training is almost invariably good."

*The FinnSenso training is called in Finland "Sensomotor training".


Evidence-based and verified by research

The program is based on decades of experience and its components include studies conducted by reputable universities where the rehabilitative effects of these methods have been verified.

In Finland alone, these methods have rehabilitated thousands of children, young people, and adults over 20 years.

The school program has also run for over 20 years.

A new neurophysiological approach

to learning and concentration difficulties

While the cognitive (teaching) and neuropsychological approaches seek to break things down into small, more easily taught parts, the neurophysiological approach seeks to find the physiological and neurophysiological causes of the problems. These sound similar, but in fact, they are very different approaches where one treats more the symptoms but the other corrects the causes of the problems.

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The course elements:

Approach the Issue from a Theoretical Perspective.

· Brain and Learning I

· Brain and Learning II

· Brain and Learning III

· The Balance

· the Hearing

· the Tactile Sense

· the Visual Sense

· the Nutrition and Learning

· Stress and Learning

· Mental problems and Learning

Follow up form, advice, and schedule of the training

· Analyze and Follow Up Form

· the Schedule of the FinnSenso

· Questions and answers and

practical advice

First training program module, developmental milestone 0-3


· Balance training

· Position detection

· Somersault

· Rolling

· First reflex exercise: TLR

· Second reflex exercise: MORO

· Cross exercises

Developmental milestones 4-12 months

· Where are we now in the


· Third reflex exercise: ATNR

· Fourth reflex exercise: Spinal


· Fifth reflex exercise: STNR

Motor and Sensory Exercises

· Body Management

· Auditory Perception

· Training of Tactile Sense

· Training of Visual Sense

· Smell and Taste- Danger or


Coordination and Thinking

· Coordination and Thinking

· Hand-Eye Coordination

· Dimensions and Sizes

· Perception of Time

· Left - Right Training

· Imaging

· Wise Thinking Course

· Bonus: the Speed Reading Course


We can change the future

We take care of all the most common background reasons causing learning, concentration, motor, and behavior difficulties such as areas of balance, hearing, vision, or hypersensitivity to the senses. We focus also on inadequate nerve integration and primitive reflex remnants, which are also common issues.

The FinnSenso program affects really all these things that impair learning and concentration. After that, learning starts to flow.

It is said that we cannot predict the future, but now we can change it.

On the left, you will see the FinnSenso program. There is nothing in it that you would not be able to do at home.

The only thing is that you follow the instructions, and use the analysis and follow-up form.

As times get tougher, it becomes increasingly difficult for young people to find the study and job they want. Therefore, start the FinnSenso program, and change the child's future.


We have been able to pay program development costs to the extent that we reduced the price of the program to cover only the minimum costs of the online rehabilitation program, which are 20 USD/order.''

However, you get a complete rehabilitation program that has been used with excellent results for years.


Take advantage of this opportunity!


Rehabilitation is no longer about money, only about the will to recover!

Background for this affordable program: You may have heard that Finland has the best school system in the world. But children in Finland also have learning and concentration challenges, and they are treated in specialized therapy clinics, which we have been doing for over 20 years.

In the 1990s-2000s, my wife and I studied the rehabilitation of learning and concentration problems with the world's leading therapy developers in the USA and Europe. I thought sometimes that I would like to help all the children of the world, who suffer from learning and concentration challenges. The Internet technology was not widely available by then, but now it is different. Anyone with access to the Internet can now take advantage of this. That's why I can make that dream come true now. That's why I say:

Rehabilitation is no longer about money, only about the will to recover!


Utilizing all the possibilities of modern technology, we can offer the FinnSenso program at an incredibly affordable price

The FinnSenso training brings many kinds of benefits

Developmental training helps in ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, learning to read, behavioral problems, motor problems, social interaction problems ...

These are all problems that are increasing year by year. Fortunately, there is now a new way to alleviate or even treat these problems. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity



Everything is ready

Now you just make the decision to help your child and secure your child’s future